How to Use Our Online Classes

For People Who Need Legal Help

We created these online classes to help people with legal problems that can take a long time to fix and may be confusing, and also to help .  Each class will walk you through a legal process by breaking down the things you need to do into smaller steps.

If you can’t afford a lawyer, you may need to go to court or work out a legal problem yourself.  The legal system can be difficult to understand and many people feel it is hard to take care of legal problems on their own.   We hope that the information in these classes will help you.

These classes should work on most computers, tablets, or smartphones.  If you have technical problems with this website, you can email us.  The webmaster cannot give you legal help.

Taking a class

  • Screenshot of stepsClick on the steps in each class.  Each step has a grey checkmark next to it and links to a page with more information.  
  • Some pages may have a video for you to watch, or they may help you write a letter or fill in a form.
  • The steps are arranged in the order that you will need to complete them.
  • Read the information on each page carefully because it will help you with your legal problem.
  • Once you are done with a step you can click the checkmark next to it.  The checkmark will turn green and you will know that you’re ready for the next step.  Note: It could be weeks or months before you will need to complete your next step.
  • There is a calculator in each class in case you need it.

If you sign up for an account with this website, the steps you checked off will be saved for when you come back again. You can also send yourself email reminders and save notes for later.  See the section on Creating an Account for more information.

If you’re using a smartphone:

  • Some sites that we link to may not display well on your phone.
  • The guided interviews in the classes help you write letters, documents and fill out forms.  They need Adobe Flash, which does not work on some phones.  You may be able to download an Adobe Flash player app that will let you use the guided interviews on your phone.  We hope to fix this soon.

Creating an account

If you want to save the steps you checked off, as well as notes and reminders, you can sign up for an account with this website.

Good things about creating an account:

  • When you come back later, the steps you finished and checked off will be saved.
  • You can send yourself email reminders about important dates.
  • You can keep notes for yourself about important information.
  • We won’t share your personal information with anyone.

You don’t have to create an account to use the classes, but in that case your progress will only be saved for as long as you have this website open.

About privacy and security

  • We try hard to make our website secure and keep your information safe.  Please do not enter very personal information like your social security number into this website.
  • View our Privacy Policy.

Guided interviews

For Attorneys and Students

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