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S.C. Legal Services is a statewide non profit law firm.  With offices throughout the state, we serve the citizens of South Carolina in a broad range of civil (non-criminal) legal matters. We are funded by the Legal Services Corporation, the S.C. Bar Foundation and other federal, state and local sources.

  • Debt Collection Defense in S.C. Summary Court (CLAIM AND DELIVERY)

    This class will help you answer a lawsuit where your loan company files an Affidavit  and Complaint for claim and delivery of your household property.  If you are served with a Summons and Complaint where an order of possession (pickup order) is not requested, check out our classroom titled Debt Collection Defense in S.C. Summary Court (Not Claim and Delivery).


  • Getting Your Landlord to Make Repairs

    Overview of legal remedies for tenants when their landlord has failed to make needed repairs.

  • Unemployment Benefits Appeals in South Carolina

    This classroom is a guide to the unemployment insurance appeals process in South Carolina.

  • The ABC's of Guardianship

    This classroom explains what a guardianship is, when a guardianship is necessary, the alternatives to a guardianship action, and provides an overview of filing an action for guardianship in Probate Court.

    This information is not legal advice. Legal advice is dependent upon the specific facts and circumstances of each situation. The information in this classroom cannot replace the advice of a licensed attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, South Carolina Legal Services may be able to provide legal representation free of charge.

  • Filing for an Order of Protection

    This class will help Domestic Violence Survivors determine if an Order of Protection is appropriate for them and will provide information about filing for an Order of Protection.

  • Debt Collection Defense in S.C. Summary Court (NOT Claim and Delivery)

    This classroom walks you through what to do if you are sued in summary court in S.C. where the creditor just asks the court for a judgment against you.

    NOTE:  This is different from when a creditor sues you on a loan and asks for a pick up order for  household property you listed for the loan. For that see classroom on Debt Collection Defense in S.C.Summary Court - Claim and Delivery


  • Defending Debt Collection Cases in S.C. Circuit Courts

    This classroom reviews a typical credit card collection case, including where appropriate how to

    1.  respond to a complaint

    2.  raise counterclaims against the debt collector

    3.  answer discovery requests

    4.  deal with a motion for summary judgment, including an opposing affidavit

  • Preserving Heirs Property in S.C./Quieting Title and Partition

    A review of barriers to full use of heirs property (also called family land or "tangled title") and how to overcome those barriers. This classroom explains how heirs property is created in South Carolina and how problems with it can be resolved. Included are suggestions on coming to an agreement as family members, creating a family trust and the complicated process of partitioning heirs property in court..Tools and insight on these alternatives are included.

  • Roadmap to the Foreclosure Process in S.C.

    This classroom will teach you:

    1. Ways to stop or avoid foreclosure;
    2. What to do when you are served with foreclosure papers, and
    3. What to expect from the foreclosure process.
  • Education Law Issues and How to Handle Them

    This classroom, provides and overview of education rights and options that are available to students and their parents or guardians to address individual education needs. A written guide and videos detail your rights and explain how to navigate the education system. The process for getting an INdividualized Education Program (IEP) or 504 accommodation plan and other education laws are covered.

  • Expungement and Pardons of Criminal Records in S.C.

    South Carolina law provides for expungement of certain types of criminal charges. Learn which ones can be eliminated and how to navigate the application process. Information is also provided here on how to seek pardon when an expungement may not be ideal for your situation or you are ineligible.

  • Residential Eviction Defense (Does not apply to homeowners or commercial renters)

    This classroom will teach you about some basic steps you can take if you are sued for eviction from a residential dwelling (i.e. your home) and will discuss some basic information you will need to understand the legal eviction process. 

  • D.I.Y. Residential Eviction Defense (Does not apply to homeowners or commercial renters)

    This classroom will teach you basic steps you can take if you are sued for eviction from your home or apartment.

  • Pro Se Divorce

    This Classroom provides information to help you go through the process of pro se divorce (or divorce without a lawyer).

  • Divorce in South Carolina

    This classroom is to help you walk through the process of Divorce in South Carolina, what you need and the steps to take you through the Divorce.