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The Legal Aid Society of Hawai‘i celebrates its 65th year of serving the people of Hawai‘i. As the state’s oldest and largest non-profit, public interest law firm with offices statewide; Legal Aid helps ensure justice and fairness for all by providing civil legal aid to the most vulnerable in our society. In working towards the vision of building a just society; we want to first help make the legal system a little less intimidating by providing easy to understand legal forms and brochures, including online forms that people can use when they go to court. Second, we help people help themselves by providing legal assistance so people can better know their rights and know how to solve their legal problems. Finally, we try to level the playing field by providing legal representation to those that need it the most. 

Visit us at http://www.legalaidhawaii.org for more information.

  • How to Get Money Damages if Your Landlord Locks You Out Illegally

    This online classroom is in the perspective of a tenant. It will show you how to ask the court for damages if your landlord has illegally locked you out of your unit. It is only for Private Landlord/Tenant issues or if you are receiving Section 8 assistance.

  • How to Represent Yourself in Court or Hearing

    This classroom provides basic information on how to represent yourself at a court or administrative hearing. It is only meant as a general overview of the court or hearing system. This does not at all include all of your rights and responsibilities when representing yourself in court. It does not replace legal advice or counsel. Whenever possible, legal counsel should be retained. 

    Contact Legal Aid Society of Hawai`i hotline at (808) 536-4302 for more information on your matter. 

  • Eviction: The Court Process

    This classroom describes what a private landlord and tenant go through when the landlord is trying to evict the tenant in Hawai`i. This does not apply to federally funded Hawai`i Public Housing Authority buildings though it does apply to state-funded Hawai`i Public Housing Authority. 

  • Tenants: What to do if your Home Needs Repairs

    This classroom is for tenants seeking repairs for the rental unit from their landlord. If this is you, this classroom will show you what you need to do to get your home repaired and livable based on your rights under the Residential Landlord-Tenant Code, HRS § 521-64, -65. 

    This classroom may be helpful if you are renting your home from a private landlord and/or receive Section 8 assistance AND your rental unit needs repairs. 

    If you are being evicted too, talk to a Legal Aid advocate. 

    If you live in public housing (Hawaii Public Housing Authority or HPHA) this packet will not work for you. If you need repairs in your public housing unit, you must first contact your public housing management office. You must write a letter requesting repairs but you cannot deduct the costs from your rent. 

  • Housing: Tenant Rights and Responsibilities

    This classroom provides an overview of the various types of housing in Hawai`i and the rights of tenants in each housing type. It also provides information on how to avoid problems that may lead to the loss of a family's housing or housing subsidy.

  • How to Stop Your Landlord from Illegally Shutting Off your Utilities

    This online classroom will teach you how to file a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) Against an Illegal Utility Shut Off. 

    Use this classroom if:

    • You rent from a private landlord and/or receive Section 8 assistance, AND
    • Your landlord has threatened to shut off your utilities OR has already shut off your utilities, AND
    • Your landlord does not have a court order to evict you. 

    If you are being evicted too, talk to a Legal Aid advocate before continuing.

    If you are in Public Housing or special housing (e.g. UH housing, day-to-day hotel, or homeless shelter), this classroom will not apply to your situation. Contact Legal Aid for more information.